Monday, August 2, 2010


In a thin, raspy voice
Miserere!!! God have mercy on us!

Look at her eyes! Her steadfast stare!
Where'er you are, she looks at you.

Smell the fragrance of her hair!

You've stepped upon a snake. It's split in two!
It bursts to pieces!

Sweet Mary and Jesus!!!

He rubs his eyes

The dream has vanished...So, forward, forward
With bayonet-fixed to run through the Czar!

Poking his head out of the cauldron
Is it good for us to have a king, or no?

I recently got to make three illustrations for an English translation of the 19th century polish play Kordian, which is being published by Green Lantern Press sometime next year. Caroline Picard from GLP briefly summarizes the play:
"The play begins with the witches and devils making a “brew” in the advent of modernity. Carries on the main character, (also called Kordian) who falls in love, tries to kill himself at the end of act one, has turned to a harlot and gambling in the second act, in the third act meets the pope who has a parrot on his shoulder (in the midst of which a number of soldiers attempt to organize a mutiny), in the fourth act Kordian ends up in an insane asylum, talking to his imagination and terror, and the last act – well. You’ll have to wait and see."


  1. I just saw this page I know it was a long time ago, but I want to thank you so much for illustrating my translation. I am giving a talk about it in Poland soon.

  2. I thought it would give my name automatically,

    Gerry Kapolka