Tuesday, January 11, 2011

head on pole

So I've been trying to teach myself how to needle felt ever since I was invited to make a sculpture for the Heads On Poles show at Western Exhibitions (curated by Paul Nudd and Scott Wolniak, both fantastic). I very rarely make anything sculptural, so it seemed like a good opportunity to learn a new way of making objects. I spent many hours stabbing a pile of wool with needles until it began to resemble a head...

and then I mounted it on its stake and added blood drips, which actually look more like a turkey throat or unhealthy genitals:
I was on a roll so I also made these little fellas below as presents for people:
The Heads On Poles show opens this Friday January 14th, and there will be many many heads on stakes of all sorts. Paul Nudd also put together an incredible screenprinted/xeroxed book of different 2D interpretations of the theme-- It includes drawings by Jim Trainor, David Shrigley, Onsmith, John Hankiewicz, and lots of others. Nudd and Onsmith screenprinted one of my drawings to go with the book, here it is below:


  1. An unusual exhibition! Your art is not often too gruesome, so I'm sure it was a fun change of pace. Your felted work is really gorgeous. Love the illustration too.

  2. Thanks! It was fun making work for this theme. My piece is certainly on the tame end compared to some of the other heads in the show!