Thursday, May 26, 2011

newcity and op-ed

I have two illustrations in the papers today! Above, the cover for this week's Newcity Magazine. Below is an illustration for the NY Times Op-Ed letter page, responding to an article about the climate in Chicago becoming that of present-day Baton Rouge by 2100.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

support spuds

Spudnik Press, the wonderful community printshop here in Chicago, recently launched one of those kickstarter campaigns. They're looking to raise money to be able to fix up their new studio space, as well as get 3 new letterpresses and a newly acquired offset press up and running. I offered to make a set of prints exclusively for backers, so if you give $20 to their campaign, you get an exclusive print made by me on the Line-O-Scribe proofing press. You will also receive the warm fuzzy feeling of knowing that your money is going directly to helping one of the best Chicago print shops offer more resources to the city and print community!

There are many other options on there that all sound really great-- for instance, you can take a harmonica workshop, or you can get amazing prints made at Spudnik by Onsmith and Paul Nudd! OR you can take a relief printing class. All come with even more of that fuzzy feelin'.

Anyhow, there is a little over a week left in the campaign, and they are still below their goal, which needs to be reached by May 15th if it's going to get funded. Check out the campaign here to get the official lowdown.