Thursday, July 7, 2011

the tubby gnome book

I recently found this little book that my sister Claire made for me when we were little. She drew lots of comics (The Adventures of Me and Hogwash) and illustrated booklets like this one. As an impressionable younger sibling I started doing the same, and I'm still doing so! Like all the many other illustrated books Claire made as a kid, this one is completely charming and informative, complete with Gnome Facts and artistically distressed edges! Here are a few pages from it, below:


  1. hidden between soup and cinnamon bun!

  2. Ha! This gave me a huge smile. The cinnamon bun is the best part. Where did you find this?!

  3. Mom had sent me some old picture books of mine from the storage locker, and The Tubby Gnome Book was tucked into one of them. I was so excited to find it! Each gnome is so good-- I'm a big fan of gnome #2 with his stylin' boots! Now I'm especially hungry to find more Claire books.