Thursday, August 18, 2011


This Sunday, August 21st, I am excited to be showing a screening of work in the fantastic ZummerTapez series at Roots and Culture Gallery here in Chicago. I'll be showing my own animation work alongside other films and animations that I like, along with goofy odds and ends from my life-- this would include a couple commercials I was in as a kid, as well as a black and white Grapenuts commercial that shows my mother's family doing flips and twists on trampolines. I plan on slipping in a clip from my 4th grade play, where we all play different geometric shapes that are dying from a lack of moonlight energy, caused by a giant bird sitting in front of the moon (I play a square, and I sing. A singing square). I also may or may not show this Smokey the Bear PSA that stars my chubby little 5-year-old hand... I'll place it here for posterity:

Anyway, here's the official info below. I think it'll be a really fun program, if I do say so m'self! And check out the sexy poster up above, designed and printed for the series by Edie Fake.

: Lilli Carré

Sunday, August 21st
Roots and Culture Contemporary Art Center
1034 N. Milwaukee Ave
$5 suggested donation

The Zummertapez screening series invites artists to create a video mixtape that combines excerpts of their own work with material that inspires or influences them. Launched by Alexander Stewart and Andy Roche in 2007, the goal is to produce a more sociable and engaging artist talk.

Roots & Culture concludes the 2011 Zummertapez series with a mixtape by Chicago artist Lilli Carré. In her comics and animation work, Carré uses forms that are both experimental and charmingly approachable as she blends existential crises with bold graphic style and daring narrative methods. While aesthetically reminiscent of American studio cartoons of the 20’s and 30’s, her films focus on darker themes of loss, death and misplaced memory, but maintain a light touch and quick wit throughout. For her Zummertapez screening, Carré will be including selections of her own work in combination with clips from classic studio animation, 90’s computer adventure games, feature films, TV commercials starring her family, and experimental animation.

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