Friday, November 18, 2011

new yorker

I had the very fun task of making these illustrations for this week's New Yorker, the Food Issue! The above illustrations accompany anecdotal food stories by Dana Spiotta, Mohammed Naseehu Ali, Paul Theroux, Louise Erdrich, and Judith Thurman, respectively. Getting to draw a woodchuck, drunk on fermented mulberries for the New Yorker was an all-time illustration career high!
I also drew 25 small spot illustrations of food for the interactive table of contents in the New Yorker iPad Special for this issue. If you touch the image of the food, it pulls up the pieces about that ingredient in the magazine. I loved working on these!


  1. wow Lilli, soooo nice, when I see those yours illustrations I always ask to myself where finish the hand and starts the digital work, I'm very curious of your process :-) anyway, I've just sent you Ten steps until nothing copies!!! They could arrive in 2/3 weeks <3

  2. Awesome!! I love the tomatoe!