Thursday, January 31, 2013

Drawers Drawing & Bound and/or Stapled

I have new work in an exhibition, Drawer's Drawing, opening at the Julius Caesar / Peregrine Program galleries in Chicago this Sunday February 3rd, from 3 - 6pm, 3311 W. Carroll Ave. I'll be showing the finished loop of my animation, Pout Melody (which you can see an excerpt of here). I drew the film entirely on 20 pieces of paper, which will also be on display in the gallery. Here's an image of one of the final frames, below.

On Friday Feb. 1st, I will also have some zines/artists' books on display in the show at Western Exhibitions, Bound and/or Stapled (or not). The opening is this Friday from 5-8pm, and the show is up through March 9th. Please stop by!


  1. I just watched the animation clip *o*
    I can't believe that was all done traditionally on just 20 sheets of paper!!! And by the look of the image here, the page gets seriously filled up with cycles! Though there were only 20 sheets, you must have scanned each one at least 20 times, right?
    Really cool stuff (and awesome orginisational skills to deal with all those cycles!)
    Have fun with the exhibitions!

  2. Yeah, I photographed the 20 pages over and over, as I kept building the cycles. Thanks for the kind words!