Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Eyeworks Festival of Experimental Animation 2013!

Film still from Harry Smith's animated feature Heaven and Earth Magic (1962)

The 4th annual Eyeworks Festival of Experimental Animation is almost here! For those in or near Chicago, please mark your Calendars for Saturday November 9th at the Nightingale Cinema
(1084 N. Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL)

Screenings at 2:30, 5:00 and 7:30 PM

$10 admission for each program
The 2013 Eyeworks Festival is sponsored by the Canyon Cinema Foundation & the Video Data Bank.

The 2013 Eyeworks Festival lineup includes:

Matt Abbiss, Collection of short works, including Orbit and Forming.
Luigi Allemano, Improvisation no. 1: Cumulative Loops,
Lisa Barcy & Jim Trainor, The Ordovicians
Brandon Blommaert, aaa[A]aaa
Robert Breer, Man and His Dog Out For Air
Paul Bush, Furniture Poetry
Barry Doupé, Whaty
David Lebrun, Tanka
Alexandre Louvenaz, Minotaure
Oskar Fischinger, Allegretto
Michael Frei, Not About Us
Jake Fried, Down Into Nothing
Paul Glabicki, Object Conversation
Stefan Gruber, Lightweight
Lawrence Jordan, Solar Sight II
Sawako Kabuki, Here, There, and Everywhere
Manfred Mohr, Cubic Limits
Sarina Nihei, The Play of Independent Heads
Africanus Okokon, New Everyday
Eduardo Paolozzi with Emma Calder & Susan Young, 1984 (Music for Modern Americans)
Michaela Pavlátová, Words, Words, Words
Jenni Rope, Tiikerimuuri
Edwin Rostron, Of Unknown Origin
André Ruvio, O Dilúvio
Georges Schwizgebel, Rapture of Frank N. Stein
Anu-Laura Tuttelberg, The Fly Mill
Michael Whitney, Binary Bit Patterns
Karen Yasinsky, No Place Like Home
& many more

The 7:30 program will be a screening of Harry Smith’s legendary feature-length collage animation Heaven & Earth Magic.

More info, posters (a new Sonnenzimmer beauty!) and fest trailer to come soon! 

Friday, October 18, 2013

AAIEEE! at the Kohler Arts Center

Opening this weekend at the Kohler Arts Center is AAIEEE!, an exhibition focusing on the fusion of comics and fine art and the influence of artist Ray Yoshida. AAIEEE! is part of The Open Eye, a collection of shows around Yoshida's work, collections, and influence. I'm very happy to have my work shown there alongside friends and inspirations. I am definitely going to head up to Sheboygan to check out Yoshida's home collection of amazing objects while it is on display at the Kohler as part of The Open Eye!
Ray Yoshida in his Chicago residence. Photo: c. 1974, Courtesy of Mary Baber.